Moving to Voice- Amazon Alexa in the Classroom

I know it has been a while since I last blogged but that's life- there is the plan and then there is life! Over the past couple of years, I have been spending a great deal of time evaluating and looking at how voice assistants and voice as an interface can improve the quality of life for people across the life-span. I have done many workshops to educators and seniors, through the United Way Caretakers Coalition of Morris County. These workshops have opened the door to many opportunities to show others how tools like Amazon Alexa can be used in the classroom to engage students with a range of learning experiences. Similarly, I have demonstrated how integrating security camera can be used to stay in touch with others that you may be caring for, which is perfect for those taking care of their loved ones. 

Echo Dot

I have found lots of ways to use my Echo Dots in my home for information, music, weather, and more! One of the technologies which I have found to be helpful each day is my Flash Briefings. Flash Briefings are short audiocasts that are a quick way to keep up with what is happening in the world. The Flash Briefing format is ideal as a way to keep up with what's happening and is great if your interests are very focused. I recently started a Flash Briefing called "Innovative Technology," that is a skill you can enable on your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Once you have enabled the Innovative Technology Flash Briefing, you can listen to my tips and tricks on various assistive and educational technologies. The Flash Briefings are 2 minutes long and give you some great ways to use the technology that you may not have thought of. Here is a sample of one of my Flash Briefings:

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You can listen to "innovative technology" on any Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device by saying "Ask Trebble FM to play capsules from innovative technology ". If you have an Alexa device and you never used Trebble FM on it before, follow this link to enable it https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075XDJTS7

Listen to the latest audiocast at thiw link:

Thanks for taking the time to listen and please feel free to contact me for workshops and training on how you can take advantage of using an Amazon Alexa in the Classroom

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Do you want to secure your home? Get help with Android apps

Mobile technology is advancing rapidly and give her blessings on various industries. Home security is getting smarter, easier and smoother, as well as cheaper over time by using the latest improvements in technology. When you have a smart phone with a good Internet connection in your hand, it becomes very easy in the age of technology-savvy today to overcome many obstacles.
Who wouldn't want better security for their home? With the active assistance of the IOS and Android app development advances, maintaining safe home now, but more than that, the easiest and effortless. There are a lot of application development companies that can help you formulate and develop this innovative and unique applications. Choosing the right application development company and make your mobile application. Here's a list of some of the best apps that display brilliant home security!

Input "Home Security Camera" 

is popular in this list are "unique security camera Home ". You can reuse your old smart by using this application. Some of the salient features of these apps live streaming video, post a good wireless, remote access, zoom, free cloud storage along with many other things. Are the most interesting features of this application is free of cost. However, there are features like HD recording only when taking a monthly subscription.

At Home Camera

this feature rich application available for multiple platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows and mac. Submitting separate applications together home security services. With the help of the camera application, turns your computer into a camera. Using the other application, you enclose Bishop. AtHome camera features ignored is remote monitoring and recognition, and multiple facilities view camera, recording the time lapse and much bigger. If you want, you can get the hardware before cameras with applications as well. The app is available for free but not hardware cameras!

IP Camera 

with a few basic features but decisive, IP camera application is simple and easy to use and popular entry in this list of home security applications. Your phone using this app, will turn a remote camera. Live video streaming, VLC Player support, motion detection, and FTP servers support video chat, Dropbox, etc, some of the main features/"IP webcam". You can get this app without spending a single penny.


if you have a WiFi connection, 4 g or third generation 3g connection, wardinkam smothlisli will work anywhere! Dropbox support, Google, voice directions along with multiple facilities, camera motion detection alerts etc are available in a long list of features offered by this application. This app is easy to use and has a decent user interface. Interestingly, for this application, you will not have a monthly subscription. You only need to pay a minimum once. Therefore, there were some home security applications that you can stay free from headaches use!

3 major UX errors to avoid when designing mobile apps

There is no application at all is always better than having a bad performance and a cluttered mobile app. Most of the time, users prefer to use fast loading applications. Long gone are the days when people used to think that only feature-rich applications can obtain a profitable success in the market. Today, not only users care about features, they need quick apply, they look for such applications which give smooth navigation, wife of influential and so on. Here is a list of the errors the presumption usually offer during design an effective mobile applications. Moreover, you will get a guide how to avoid such issues.

1. Making the show too much crowded

If you have many creative ideas, put them all together in one single application will only make over crowded. This will not only make everything so cluttered but users may mix inadmissible one mobile applications effectively. Moreover, a lot of everything to slow down the speed of your application users hate even more!

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not drive away for the sole purpose of developing the application. You should pay more attention to an impressive collection of UX and user interface. Clear illustrations, showing clean while adopting advanced technologies to enhance the usability and effectiveness of your mobile application in business success.

2. Presumption of good thinking" is responsible for only the designer

Technically, the mobile app designers responsible for providing an impressive UX. However, you can make an absolute error if you don't think about making that presumption is better thanks to the collective efforts of the entire application development team. When you start the application development process, along with designers, developers, project managers and analysts are also part of the beginning. While designing the application, apart from the designers, all these members just like simple, users can provide honest feedback on user experience. Using these reactions necessary improvements in the UX has become very easy.

3. Unlabeled icons

You should not make the mistake of thinking that users will understand everything just by looking at the icons in the application. Yes, popular icons such as ' start ', ' settings ', ' search ', ' backward ' etc is fine. Users are well aware – such symbols. However, if you use any custom icon in your mobile application, we should not forget to add the appropriate label. It will help users understand the functionality of that particular symbol. Any unlabeled icon would make users confused.
Apart from these aspects mentioned above, and put a lot of content another terrible mistake, usually made today. Yes, providing the highest quality content is obviously appreciated, but many of them could destroy the game.

What is the best Android apps for students?

Android's strength lies in its applications, and these days, there are almost in each application. One can find millions of apps in the store Google play, ranging from media, gadgets, shopping, to simple chores. As most of our daily necessity and actively get mingled with these tons of digital applications, we cannot get unhooked from our precious Android device.

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Over the past few years, is mitamorfosing student life so much easier, safer and more fun holding the hands of these Android apps. The following are some of the best Android apps helps students in their daily activities of waking up in the morning to take notes.

Noting nowadays

it is difficult to find a school or college student who do not use a mobile phone or tablet. Students, usually carry these tools with them wherever they go. In this case, the numeric notation applications such as maintaining Google, OneNote, Evernote, viinoti, etc, have become the most convenient way to take notes, and are rapidly increasing in popularity among students.
"lecture until" a few years back, while attending a lecture or seminar, a student may have no choice but to write important information all in Notepad. Now, there are some wonderful and useful lecture recording apps out there, and help the students to record the lecture. So, stay tuned with the best Android apps like advanced recordings lecture, audio recorder, audio recording, etc.


"in" an era of advanced technology, it seems app review that big business of high potential. Because Android applications, students now want to review the lesson activity such as pleasure, rather than a tiresome burden. Gozimo, koislit, my study, quick recall, etc, some of the best Android apps for review.

Student application mapping

Android apps requester schema rise in popularity of pedestal, helping students organize their activity and send alerts and reminders regarding lesson and homework, exams, and other things like. Outline of the student, the student's schedule, and my life is some apps requester schema good reputation and popularity that comes with a timetable.

If you have one Internet connection and fast, Android device, your life will be demanded from the fun and excitement rather than full of fears. All you need to stay tuned to the latest Android apps.

6 Advantages of mobile apps

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today. From children to adults, and we all have some or other way addicts and Internet. It is more like a revolution, where even a child can teach you. Of course it's useful, but they can provide you more by using the correct way and productivity. But how? How can a mobile phone help me in life? Using mobile applications. 
Today there are millions of mobile applications available for your every need and whether your education or simply remind you to drink sufficient quantities of water. Mobiles can be your friend through these applications. You can do a lot for yourself using them like:

1. Expand your business

You're a businessman and any good business certainly requires some ads and a chance to meet the client. What you can do is develop an application for your business expand to huge levels of escalation in e-business. It will make it easier for you to reach more people and provide them with the benefits of using your application.

2. Ease of interaction

Provide mobile applications in a secure and easy way to communicate with long lost friends, colleagues and family. It keeps you in touch with them. It constitutes a coherent service close to one to one interaction with your people.
The best part about using mobile applications is airviotabli the comfort they offer. You can sit on your sofa with some snacks and still know what's going on outside the window. Globe type in your hands. You can find news, talk, shop, play and learn once you sit comfortably in your workplace.

4. Job ads

So there are some jobs in your company and you want to spread out as far as possible. You can let people know about the job with just a click. You can easily advertise on Web sites or applications are even free.

5. Reduce costs

Mobile applications so affable and it reduces your additional costs affordable. Gone are the days of sending messages when you move a message to someone on the spot. Can help you arrange a conference call even video interface immediately.

6. Learning from experience

You always wanted to learn a foreign language or learn new recipes or certain musical but never got enough time and was always waiting. This is not a big issue anymore when you can see which ones with your mobile phones. There are many applications available for teaching.

How changed our mobile applications

With the advent of technology and the Internet are updated almost everything, our lives were a tad easier than before. Mobile phones are definitely a blessing for our generation, and they have become an integral necessity of our lives. With mobile phones and their applications came from a change in our society. Can we know anything with a single click. Let's see exactly how this has changed our living applications:

1. we no longer need the maps

Go on a trip on the road to the city that weren't before? Feared? Not at all because we have GPS and Google maps. We can not get lost or need maps to see where we're going. We can find anywhere or even our friend's House, Pronto. Somewhere in these maps may absolve us because we can go anywhere we want and still come home safe.

2. we can do endless shopping at home

There's no need to go out and find in shops and bargain when we get high quality clothes on websites. Everything you need available in these applications shopping books, shoes, and accessories for electronic devices and tools. The world is in your hands. The best part about these applications that we can buy anything immediately.

3. we always connected

Mobile applications have made it easier for us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Social media makes it possible. We know about each other and practically be there for everyone. Conferences today offer such video communication applications. What do we need?

4. we know what's going on in the world

Tidings! Oh my god! I lost the prime time news today. How am I going to see current affairs now? I don't need to eat anymore because you can stay updated with online applications that don't keep you updated with the surroundings, but also the dangers. Always be connected to current affairs in the world.

5. we're not bored

I finally got some free time after bored because you don't know what to do! Happens to everyone, don't you? But now we no longer feel bored because there is so much to do or see. We can read something interesting, and learn new material or just relax myself with movies or songs. 
Our mobile applications thus strengthened in every possible way. We are more connected, quick and effective. All thanks to this amazing technology.